Last Updated: April 10, 2018

Voice Coin Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is an agreement between you ("User") and Voice Coin LLC ("Provider") for the use of any works available through Google Home and all other platforms through which the Provider offers products, goods, or services.

Information We Collect

  • Google ID

    A randomly generated ID once the Voice Coin Action is invoked.

  • Voice Coin Metrics

    • Number of Voice Coin mined
    • Number of Voice Coin miners
    • Number of completed mining sessions
    • Number of Voice Coin transferred to Ethereum Wallets

  • Ethereum Wallet Address

    An Ethereum compatible wallet address that accepts ERC20 tokens. Addresses are validated as compatible within the Voice Coin Action before being saved.

Voice Coin values the privacy of our users and does not collect email addresses, phone numbers, Google account names, or any data that is tied to the personal identity of our users.

How We Use Your Information

  • Google ID

    The Google ID is an anonymous identifier used to track the number of Voice Coin that belongs to the user.

  • Voice Coin Metrics

    The Voice Coin Metrics are used to allow users to see how many Voice Coin they have mined, number of sessions they have completed, and see the Voice Coin metrics of the user base. Voice Coin Metrics are posted to the @voice_coin Twitter on a daily basis.

  • Ethereum Wallet Address

    This Address specifies the location to where mined Voice Coin is to be deposited. All Voice Coins transfers are viewable on the Ethereum Blockchain.

What Information Do We Share

Voice Coin Metrics are posted to the @voice_coin Twitter. Google IDs are not shared with any third parties. Voice Coin does not share Ethereum Wallet Addresses with third parties. Please note transfers will be public on the Ethereum blockchain which contain sending addresses and receiving addresses.

30 Day Account Reset

If the Voice Coin Action is not invoked within 30 days, a new Google ID will be generated. Data associated with the previous Google ID will be inaccessible. Mined Voice Coin associated with the expired Google ID will still be transferred. Users will need to repeat the Ethereum Wallet Address setup in order to receive Voice Coin. A new wallet address is not required.


By accepting this privacy policy, User represents that they are at least 18 years old or have reached the age of majority where they live, if that is more than 18 years of age. If User is under 18 or has not reached such age of majority, User's parent or legal guardian must accept these terms on User's behalf.

User grants Provider and all related entities an unlimited, irrevocable license to all data collected in association with User's use of the Provider's works.