Last Updated: July 13, 2018

Voice Coin FAQs

Voice Coin is shutting down operations?

We're sad to say that this is true. We are so grateful for the participation of the miners, and we have been unable to secure the resources we need to continue. Voice Coin will cease all operations on July 20, 2018. The final transfers have already occured.

How do I enable the Voice Coin action for Google Home?

The easiest way to enable Voice Coin is with your voice. Simply say, ‘Hey Google, tell Voice Coin to start mining,’ to a Google Home device or to the Google Assistant app. This will open the Voice Coin action and start your first mining session.

How do I mine Voice Coin?

Start a Voice Coin mining session by saying, Hey Google, tell Voice Coin to start mining.’

How long does a mining session last?

Mining sessions currently run for approximately eight (8) hours.

How often can I mine?

You can mine as often as you like. If you want to mine more Voice Coin, then mine more frequently.

How do I find out how many Voice Coins I have mined?

You can get your coin balance by saying, ‘Hey Google, ask Voice Coin for my balance.’

What happens if I delete my Google account I've mined Voice Coin with?

If you have not setup your Voice Coin Ethereum wallet address when you disable the action, any coins you have mined will be lost. Google Assistant does not provide any user identifiable data that we can use when you start using the Voice Coin action. Therefore, it is imperative that you set up an Ethereum Wallet that we can send your Voice Coin to, should you intentionally, or unintentionally, delete your account. We suggest you set up your Ethereum wallet address immediately after starting your first mining session. Due to development limitations, if you do not intereact with the Voice Coin action for 30 days, you will lose your mining statistics and will be required to repeat the wallet setup process.

How do I set up my Ethereum wallet in Voice Coin?

Once you have the address of your Ethereum wallet in hand, start the process in Voice Coin by saying, ‘Hey Google, tell Voice Coin to set up my wallet.’

  1. You will receive a message in your Assistant app that contains a link button.
  2. Tap on that button.
  3. Copy your Ethereum wallet address and paste it into the web form and submit it.
  4. You can verify that your wallet address is now setup correctly by saying, 'Hey Google, ask Voice Coin for my wallet address.

How can I set up an Ethereum wallet?

Be sure to set up a ERC20 protocol compatible wallet. Here’s an article about how to do it - We recommend using the Trust app for iOS or Android. The app makes it easy to copy your wallet address into the Voice Coin action. Trust is also one of the few mobile apps that tracks the transfer of any ERC20 token.

How can I find out how many other Voice Coin miners there are?

Simply say 'Hey Google, ask Voice Coin for statistics'. You'll get the number of miners and more.

How can I transfer my Voice Coin to my wallet?

We transfer Voice Coin to users every month, on the 19th. 100% of the Voice Coin a user has mined is transfered to their wallet, at no cost to the user.

What is the Voice Coin Token SYMBOL?

The symbol of the VOice COin Token is VOCO.

Where can I get the details on VOCO?

You can see the contract details and all the transactions on Just search for VOCO or click on this link -

Can you explain how Voice Coin works?

A Voice Coin represents proof of speech. The only way any portion of a Voice Coin is earned, is by telling Voice Coin to mine them with your voice. The mined coins are transferred to the miner through a simple, transparent and safe, two-step process.

  1. 1. Every single day we transfer the number of coins mined the previous day from the Voice Coin Reserve Wallet to the Voice Coin Distributions Wallet. You can see this transfer on
  2. 2. We then transfer all mined coins to user's personal wallets in a process that starts on the 19th of every month at 00:30 GMT.

Do I have to have an Google Assistant enable device to mine for Voice Coin?

You can only mine for Voice Coin from a Google Assistant enabled device such as any Google Home device. That includes the Google Assistant application for the iOS and Android.

How do I stop mining?

Once a mining session starts it cannot be stopped. It will end in approximately eight (8) hours and if you no longer wish to mine Voice Coin, simply do not start another mining session.

Will the Voice Coin action be available in different languages?

Spanish is underway and should be live in June 2018. Many more languages will follow.

How can I get support or ask further questions?

You can reach us at

Wil there be an ICO for VOCO?

Yes. In summer 2018. Stay tuned for more details. Until then, the best thing we can suggest is to mine as manhy Voice Coins as you can.