Making Voice More Rewarding

Introducing Blockchain-based rewards for speech

Discover Voice Coin

What is Voice Coin?

Voice Coin is an Ethereum token, a reward platform, and a voice application. Users of the application are awarded Voice Coin based on their Google Assistant activity.

When users engage with their voice they earn shares of Voice Coin tokens - VOCO. The utility of VOCO is based on the fact it represents users attention and action.

Voice Coin is mined using the Voice Coin action for Google Assistant. The simple commands embody a new method of blockchain participation. You talk - you earn. Your voice is power.


The Voice Coin Action

Available exclusively on the Google Assistant platform. The action is in narrowly scoped beta now and will launch widely in April 2018.

Start mining Voice Coin by saying, Hey Google, tell Voice Coin to start mining. Earn more through regular use. An ERC20 protocol-based wallet is required for transfers from Voice Coin to users.

*NOTE: Coinbase does not currently support VOCO, but will in the near future. Do not use Coinbase or any other exchange wallet addresses if you want immediate access to your VOCO. See the FAQ for details.


Publishers Platform & Participation

Publishers pay the gas fee to transfer tokens from the Voice Coin distribution pool to user's wallets.

Only verifiable use by end users earns Voice Coin. All platform users must setup a distribution wallet in the Voice Coin action.


VOCO: the ERC20 Protocol-Based Token

1.25 Billion minted. 250M held in a development reserve pool. 1B in a platform user opportunity pool.

Platform usage moves earned tokens from the opportunity pool to the distribution pending pool. Publishers pay the gas to transfer from the distribution pending pool to user’s wallets.